Di Pro XI – short form for Dubai Indian Professional’s XI – was the name given to a bunch of professional, mid career / life cricketers (who could have become great cricketers if not for their ambition to excel in their professional life!) who joined together to form a club of Hard Tennis Ball cricket in Dubai. The founders are 3 hard core cricket fanatics – Natraj, Balaji & Narayan – who were instrumental in bringing together this motley crowd together to have some fun every weekend.

What started as a fun initially with multiple Gaji’s (even if a batsman was out) and double side fielding has transformed into a roller coaster cricket club with more than 25 permanent members at this point of time. So much that we now have our own logo & t-shirts and have also stopped taking new members!

Watch this space for both on field and off field ripostes!!!

  1. Prakash says:

    Dear JK, Excellent work, looks very professional and sporty… Seems lot of effort has gone into this webpage development. Lets retain the same, there is not much of work done on the other page which i have created.

    Cheers, SP

  2. Ramesh kumar says:

    in right side of logo can we list out all of our players names in two panal (2 columns).

  3. Anand Prabhu says:

    great work on the site. I was amazed.

  4. sikander says:


    It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the inaugural “Super 8 Softball Cricket Tournament 2013”. This is your chance to be a part of the action where 16 teams would battle it out to be crowned the Super 8 Softball Cricket Champion.

    Have you got the power of 8?

    Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this unique tournament. Assemble your team of Super 8’s, and send in your enquiry at events.arena@dulsco.ae

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