Stones pelted at Yuvraj’s house found to be less hard than hearts of pelters

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Uncategorized


The UnReal Times by Ashwin Kumar 11:12 am
A bunch of stones that were pelted at the residence of star Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, post his disastrous performance in the ICC T20 World Cup finals against Sri Lanka, have been found to be less harder than the hearts of those who pelted them.

The conclusion was deduced at a local police station in Chandigarh, where forensic and medical teams examined both the pelters and the stones. “We were noting basic physical parameters of the accused and after taking X-rays, we concluded that their hearts are so dense, heavy and hard. In stark contrast, the stones looked less packed and lighter,” an official told The UnReal Times.

“Well, such things are bound to happen, when one totally forgets the fact that he has been a hero who has won two world cups for the country and continued to play for the country while fighting cancer. When people hold a magnifying glass on one bad day and equate it to a crime, thus overlooking years of glory and awesomeness, their hearts are bound to tighten further by the minute, thus increasing density, hardness and weight,” chief medical examiner, Dr.Vaidya, said.

“However, the hearts of these pelters, no matter how hard, still pale in comparison with those of corrupt politicians whom we’ve examined,” Dr.Vaidya signed off.


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