DIPRO’s record marathon run (24-Jan-2014 @ Madinat Jumeirah)

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DIPRO’s veterans created history by participating and completing the mini marathon 10K run on 24-Jan-2014.
Following are the list participants:
2.JayaKrishnan (JK)
7.Kannan Ramanujam
8.Kannan Paramasivam
11.Master Tarun Rahul Kannan

Predetermined Prabhu started his workout session well in advance, kept his progress updated thru runkeeper.com. He continued his practice religiously and tested his limits by running 10K couple of times during the practice run. He burnt lots of calories in the process. He became the strong contender to finish his maiden marathon 10K run within 1 hour.

Natraj mentally prepared to go for 2014, started his running session 3 months advance. He continued his practice run intermittently until marathon run. After applying accounting principle matching concept in his job for so many years, decided to apply matching concept to his maiden marathon run costume.

JK, who is missing in action at DIPRO matches, wanted to do something different; jump started his workout for the run and registered for his maiden marathon run. Before the run, he almost lost one size of Tshirt.

Kannan, who has participated year 2012 & 2013 part of his corporate’s pressure & pleasure, registered for 2014 run. Following Natraj & Prabhu’s practice thru run keeper, started his practice session, wanted to marginally improve precious personal record !?!.

Balaji, seeing all these guys joining marathon, followed Japanese attitude (Japanese Attitude for work: If one can do it, I can do it). In spite of his constraints, he took a bold decision to join his maiden marathon run & fun.

8 times marathon runner Narayanan, stopped participating marathon run during the last 4 years. Seeing the interest in DIPRO makkal, decided to bring back his glorious days of bare foot running, registered for his 9th run.

Ex DIPROite Kannan Ramanujam, who is missing in action at DIPRO for quite sometime, decided to join the old group and registered for the run.

Mrs Sampath & Mrs.Prabhu, looking at enthusiasm of their life partners, took a sportive decision to join run & registered for the maiden venture.

24-Jan-2014 marathon 10kms run:
Last two years, marathon took place at iconic Burj Khalifa. This year, venue is changed to Madinat Jumeirah because DIPRO’s iconic figures are taking part in the event !!!
This year, number of people registered reached 30,000, Dubai marathon record. Venue was flooded with people. The atmosphere was electrifying. People from different walks of life, nationality, caste & creed joined together for a single reason: marathon.

After sorting out the parking issue, all DIPROites reached 1 hr ahead of start time. Pre-run meeting held, to set strategy for the run, backup plan. Narayanan & Prabhu were hot favorites to complete the run within 1 hours. Rest of them, just wanted to complete the run.

After 42K run which started @ 7.00 am, 10K run started @ 7.15 am.
First 2 kms, there is no space to run, even walk. Track (road) was flooded with runners. After 2kms mark, runner eagerly started looking for 5kms milestone mark. After crossing 5kms mark, 6-7-8-9 kms seems to breeze.

All DIPROites finished the 10k run successfully. Prabhu, to his own surprise, outperformed 8 time marathon runner Narayanan by 1 minute (54 minutes). What an incredible achievement!!!.

Following are timings of DIPROites:

1.Sampath 83 mins
2.JayaKrishnan (JK) 75 mins
3.Prabhu 54 mins
4.Narayanan 55 mins
5.Balaji 76 mins
6.Nataraj 61 mins
7.Kannan Ramanujam 80 mins
8.Kannan Paramasivam 86 mins
9.Mrs.Sampath completed run
10.Mrs.Prabhu completed run

After 10kms run, 11.00 am 3kms run started. Another massive turnaround for 3kms run. 15 to 20% participants are children and rest are adults. Master Tarun Rahul Kannan, took part in 3kms run, completed in 35 mins.

Post run interview:
Balaji: “I never ever thought of running at marathon. After I came to know, you don’t need to run all the time, I mentally prepared myself to participate. Today’s run was my best run so far. I feel like having hat tricks wickets & scoring 50 runs in DIPRO match”.
JK : “The crowd was incredible and marathon run was an amazing event. This run is my best & a great moment to cherish. I enjoyed different kind of gaji today. No field restriction, no on or off side, you are on own to prove yourself. Feels like scoring 50 runs in DIPRO match. I suggest Prabhu & Narayanan to give a try for 42K run”.
Narayanan: “This run will be special one for me, another DIPRO event to cherish”.
Kannan: “This year event of special one for me, because I am running with fellow DIPROites, my son also running @ 3kms run. I just run, for fun, keep my strategy simple – participate, finish the run”.
Prabhu : “I sincerely did practice, it paid rich dividends at the end. I never thought, I would be able surpass Narayanan. Feel like scoring century in a DIPRO match”.

This week’s Man of the Moment award goes to Prabhu for his 4Ts formula:
Training : started training well in advance for marathon run
Technology : used runkeeper.com to monitor his progress, kept self-motivating
Tradition : marathon day, took early showers, prayed god faithfully, attended in south Indian way
Timing : finished best timing among DIPROites & surpassed Narayanan’s timing by 1 minute.

Special kudos goes to Balaji for his determination to participate and will to complete.

DIPRO also appreciated Mrs Sampath and Mrs. Prabhu for their sportive spirit of joining the run.

Terry Fox Run:
Terry Fox Run, similar run organized for a noble cause, being held at Dubai Festival City every year. This year event is expected during Nov,2014. Hope to see all the DIPROites taking part in the 4kms run.

DIPRO – behind & beyond cricket!!!

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