Prakash & Partha shines, as Titans taste the victory (15-Nov-2013)

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Toss won by Blue Titan, decided to bat first.

Due to non-availability of regular ground, match was held at ACE hardware grounds. DIPRO team realized value of regular ground, after looking at ACE hardware ground which had cracks like natural turf and un-even levelling all the over the ground. What ever the ground condition, gaji is important as per DiPro’s SOP.

Blue Titan :

Prabhu & Jai Sankar started the batting campaign for BT,while Vasu opened bowling attack for YW. Being on a hostile ground, batsman find it difficult to play. The ball was bouncing unevenly, depending upon where the ball was pitched.

Prabhu managed to score 14 runs within his allotted first gaji.
Manivel(YW) as usual, make early breakthrough sending back Jai Sankar & Surendar.

KRS, joining back DiPro after knee surgery, played with knee pad today. Even though, he was conscious about his knee, played some amazing shots on the off-side. Sweet sound of willow was flowing from his shots. He contributed 20 runs with the help of bye-runner.

Natraj and Balaji made useful contribution of 11 & 18 runs respectively to BT’s total.

Basheer,Rajkumar and Sampath contributed minimal with 8,5 & 3 runs.

Prakash :
Who is due for batting form , played brilliantly today. Realising the un-even bounce of the ball, he stepped out, hit the ball in the valley. He scored 37 runs including 4×4, 3 sixers in succession, later 3rd one was declared boundary rather than sixer.

Manivel was pick of the bowler for YW, 3O 17runs 2 wicket. While Partha bowled 3overs took wickets & conceded 22 runs. Last week joint MoM Narayanan, was expensive this week, conceding 34 runs in 3 overs, went wicket less. Last 2-3 matches, extras runs are becoming major contributor to the team total.

Prakash 37; KRS 20 ; Balaji 18 ; Prabhu 14 ; extras 19 runs ; BT score 139 runs.

Yellow Warriors :

Today Yellow warriors team was fully stripped down to it’s minimum. Karthik who was supposed to play for YT, ended in wrong ground, went back home unfortunately.

Sabarish & Gopi started the chase for YW. Prabhu opened bowling for BT.
Gopi after scoring boundary from the first ball, mis-judged the bounce, edged the ball to Prakash and went back to the pavilion.
Sabarish played his usual knock scored 12 runs. Everyone from BT were behind Sabarish, to send him back to pavilion, due to his not-out consistency so far. Thanks to KRS campaign.

BT saw big batting order collape today as Manivel, Kannan, Shahul, Ramesh & Vasu gave very dis-appointing performance with bat. All of them scored single digit score maximum being 6. Most of them, ended up edging the ball as simple catch. Thanks to the pitch, which behaved like a b***h today.

At the end of 8.3 overs YW were 7 wickets down with 48 runs on the board, needed another 91 runs in 9.3 overs.

Partha & Narayanan partnership:

Narayanan joined Partha in the middle for the last wicket partnership. They had uphill task in front of them to chase down 91 runs in 9.3 overs.
Partha knowing situation, kept his nerve cool, played an incredible innings today until the last ball of the match. He kept the score board tickling with singles, two and played some wonderful shots in the form of 5 boundaries. He scored 40 runs during the crucial moment of the game.
Narayanan, on the other hand, gave him good company, allowed Partha bat as much as possible.
Both of them managed to score 73 runs in 9 overs reduced the BT’s victory margin big time.

Partha 40 ; Narayanan 26 ; Sabarish 12

At the end YW scored 121 overs and BT won the match by 19 runs.

Natraj is the pick of the bowler for BT 4O 22runs 2wickets. While Surendar’s over became crucial, 3 YW batsmen were back to pavilion during this over. He claimed 2 wickets 1 over and conceded 13 runs. While Prakash became expensive conceding 30 runs in 3 overs, with one wicket.

Catch of the day :
Basheer was tasked to wicket keeping while YW was bowling. Rameshkumar bowled out swinger to Natraj. Natraj tried to play straight, ended-up edging the ball towards first sleep. Basheer dives to his right, took the low catch one handedly brilliantly. It was best catch of the season so far. Basheer, in the process got scratch in his elbow.

MoM :

Today’s award goes jointly to two batsmen for brilliance show Partha and Prakash

Extra fittings:
Today again we had another masala moment during the match.
All of us know, that DiPro been developed over the last 3 years, with so much time and energy spent by most of us, grown from galli cricket at Quasis to the current level, where we stand today. Every week so much of effort and time is going towards organizing the match. Over & above all the members, who are taking this event seriously, attending the week bash actively, during on & off the match time, sacrificing their time with family.
All of us know, some of our members, attend the first session, leave early due to their family commitments. Let’s appreciate, each one of us time is as precious as others.

Down the line, after 5 to 10 years, what will remain in our mind, good things we have enjoyed during this period. Let’s not take bitter moments to the future.

Let us continue this journey with fun!!!.


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