Narayanan rips thru YT batting order as Sampath’s stellar performance goes in vain

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Toss won by Blue Titan, made a smart move of fielding first considering the weather condition

Yellow warriors :

Jaisankar & Ram opened the batting , as Rameshkumar(BT) opened the bowling attack.

BT bowlers Manivel & SK (BT) gave early breakthrough by sending back Ram & first down Prabu, third down Rajkumar.

Second down batsmen Basheer, try to repair the innings & played an anchor role, kept the score board tickling with singles. He scored 18 runs to his credit.

Later Surendar & Natraj made useful partnership scored 15 & 11 runs respectively.

Narayanan :
Narayanan(BT) started his spell at 12th over. Very first ball, invited Natraj to go for big shot. Natraj played the big shot, ended up giving away his wicket as Shahul caught at midwicket. Naraynan had taste of success from his very first ball.

Narayanan, bowled the same delivery, Ragotham played the same shot like Natraj. Result is same. Ragotham is back to the pavilion without scoring caught by Shahul.

Partha(BT) replaced Narayanan at the bowling end. Having conceded lot of runs in his previous over, followed Narayanan’s footsteps.
First ball to Prakash, bowled his trademark slow ball…Prakash failed to read ball…clean bowled… returned to the pavilion with one run to his kitty.

Sampath & Balaji stepped in during the crucial time of the match. Balaji plays defensively, trying to complete the 13th over. Last ball of the over, this time Partha changes the pace, Balaji trying to play outside wicket, ended up edging the ball to WK Karthik, back to Pavillion. Partha had two top order batsmen in single over.

Next over from Narayanan. Surendar joined Sampath at the crease, for second round of gaji. He was run out, very first ball and back to pavilion.

Basheer replaced Surendar. Very first ball, he tried to play big shot ended up in caught by Partha.

Jaisankar replaced Basheer, against very first ball gave return catch to Narayanan.

Narayanan did major damage to YW’s top order batting lineup, by claiming 4 wickets in over 4 overs & conceded only 12 runs.

Sampath :
The one who holds the honorary post of umpiring most of the time, while his teammates are having their batting gaji. Arguably, he must have umpired the highest number of matches for DIPRO so far. His umpiring was not questioned mostly due to his fair play & cool head. He is watching his fellow team mates batting, while he is on duty bound as umpire at the other end of the wicket.

Today, he flipped the table on the other side, played the solo batting when all his teammates are back to the pavilion. When he is left alone, YT was trailing at 71 runs at the end of 14 overs. He played rest of the 4 overs, made his teammate watching him playing & contributed vital 20 runs single handedly.

Sampath 23 ; Basheer 18 ; Surendar 15 ; Extras 15 ; Narayanan 4 wickets ; Partha 2 wickets ; Manivel 2 wickets

Blue Titan :

Sabarish & SK opened the batting for BT, while Ragotham did the bowling for YT.Opening batsmen started scoring runs with ease by single & double (4 overs 25 runs).

Manivel, Ramesh & Gopi departed early with minimal contribution to the total.

Later Karthik & Partha accelerated the score with their 17 & 12 runs contribution.

Shahul showed what young blood can do on his day, by scoring 22 runs in 11 balls including 2 massive sixers. He made sure BT reaches the victory within 14 overs, helped DIPRO team back home earlier.
Finally, Narayan gave finishing touch to the win with 7 runs.

BT won the match by wickets & 4 overs to spare.

Shahul 22 ; Karthik 17 ; Sabarish 16 ; Natraj 2 wickets

MoM :
For today’s award three players were considered Sampath,Narayanan & Shahul. Today’s award jointly to Narayanan & Sampath for their impressive performance with bat & ball.

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